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Nate Thomas, stage name Nate Variety, is a rapper and illustrator/designer from Detroit, MI. Nate has called Baltimore, MD home for the past five years while continuing to craft his skills. Art and music are complementary mediums to help Nate paint the full picture that is Nate Variety. Nate was inspired by Childish Gambo, Mac Miller, Kanye West, Drake and Jay-Z to find his own voice.

Flow Like Water Nate Variety's latest single “Flow Like Water” is creating waves of fans wanting more. The highly anticipated and unreleased live show singles “That Feel” and “Waiting” are buzzing in the streets. Currently in the studio, Nate is working on releasing his second project in early 2022. Push play to feel cruising vibes, palm trees and cool breezes. Raincoats are recommended to navigate the stormy moments that Nate Variety paints with his words.
Fans can often find Nate co-hosting and performing at Baltimore's 2021 award winning open-mic of year, The Poetry Party, on Wednesdays when he is not touring.
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Manager: Marcus G